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Friday, 5 March 2010


Paris fashion week is rockin' and rollin' right now. I absolutely fell in love with Paris is a month ago last year! it was the best three days ever! the whole place is just bursting with inspiration from the buildings to the food to the people it really is just a spectacular place to see.
I think the real reason i love this city so much is the fact i actually bought a pair of Chanel shoes! I found them in a little hidden away boutique just a few side streets from the Eiffel tower. a size 37.5 ..perfect. They where just sat there in the window like a little puppy waiting to be homed!

I am a devoted lover of Chanel and and the Spring 2010 couture collection is just amazing.
A beautiful combination of tulle fabrics blended with subtle pastel candy tones.
A very cutesy collection with beautifully tailored suits with cropped culottes, i a great modern twist on the original " Coco Chanel " suit.
There are metallic highlights with silver shoes and silver Karl Largerfield signature fingerless gloves.
Shimmering tights and a statement bow in the models hair is something i feel we will be seeing on the high street.

00140m.<span class=jpg">

This collection really is a mix of ice snow queen meets cute and preppy.

The dresses in this collection OH MY GOSH is all i can say they really are something you look at and think, " If only i could have imagined something like this!"

Here are my favourite.

Chanel Spring 2010 Couture Chanel Spring 2010 Couture

Chanel Spring 2010 CoutureChanel Spring 2010 Couture

And with a clear use of tulle here are some masterpieces.

Chanel Spring 2010 CoutureChanel Spring 2010 Couture

Chanel Spring 2010 CoutureChanel Spring 2010 Couture

Chanel never fails to impress me collection after collection i just adore the whole concept of Karl Largerfield seeing all his designs in his dreams.

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