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Friday, 5 March 2010

Paris Fashion Week: Lie Sang Bong autumn/winter 2010/11 collection

Paris never fails to show off their Fur. Honestly when i visited Paris last year EVERYONE and i mean everyone was wearing full length elegance luxurious fur coats.
Lie Sang Bong has used fur is some wonderful ways! from the automatic use of a fur gillet to more experimental uses such as skirts and shoes.
Lie Sang Bong has not really been a designer on my radar but i am really excited about him he is everything i love about fashion. I get bored of seeing the same thing remade every year and it gets me quite angry when some makes a suit of a dress that has been seen time and time again. I love the whole idea or creating something brand new and experimental and basically having a bit of fun with designing!

Autumn Winter 2010
Uses of fur as underskirts of leather sculptured dressed with long leather gloves with fur panels.
Platform boots with fur from the ankles to the knee.
A whole mix of a touch black textured with the delicate touches of fur.
A real rock edge to this collection.

I am going to research into Lie Sang Bong and look at his past collections as i really feel he is a true Avante Guarde designer.

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