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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Hello again!

Hey guys sorry its been a while ive got 6 outfits to make for my fashion show in three weeks! very very stressed and time is running out but to be honest if i had all the time in the world it wouldnt be right. Stressing gets your working tehehe.

Ive also been asking around for interships and work experience and the lovely people at British Style Bloggers have given me an internship! i am so very please and think they are the nicest people ever! so i will keep you inform on that when i start in july.

Ive also for a weeks work experience at my local newspaper to get a little insight into the way it runs and works and stuff. im a little nervous about it but it will all be good in the end!

sooooo this weeks little number is my plan for a wedding i am going to in a months time. I rummaged around the perfect place for discount deisgner but you have to act quick cause POUF! and its GONE!

i got this lovely little anna sui dress! with 50% off i couldnt say no and i know im going to wear it again and again and again for all kinds of occassion!

im going to dress a little different cause im not into the whole formal thing! i want to team it with some heeled ankle boots and socks!
get a little bow in my hair and make it a bit more me

i really dont know what bag to use!


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