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Tuesday, 27 April 2010


After looking about for different looks i have come to liek to millitary look i very rarely wear trousers but i think i should give this look ago! i might look mature and my age for one!
i put this outfit together from Zara and i really like it! i mixed it up a little by added in to pink tone but still kept it milltary with the structure and shape.

I feel the key points to consider when going for the millitary look is:
keep it structured - Look for shoulder shape and nipped in at the waist to give it a female edge.
Tailored - the more tailored the better!
shoes - make them high high high is going for a serious power look empower the female form and work it baby!

while i was browsing through Zara i also came across these little beauties!
they are so cute and you cant not snap one of these up at £9.99 a pop!
get one of each! im pretty sure these arent going to be around for longso grab them while you can.
These would look great with a pair of leggings and a nice little demin jacket and some big shades for summer!



  1. I LOVE the tshirts, just the right amount of nautical-ness in them, such a summer classic! :)

    By the way I've chosen you as a winner of my blog award, if you see my recent post you can pick it up :)