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Sunday, 14 March 2010

H! By Henry Holland

Well on Friday I went to debenhams in Hull for the launch of henry hollands new H! By Henry Holland line. And I don't know if I was early or what but I was the only one there -_- canapes, drink, balloons and lady gaga on the sound system so it was an actual party but with no friends. I loved it! I entered a competition maybe il be the winner? Seen as I was the only one there haha. The collection was really awesome though! It was such a suprise! And the price was even better I saw a great hat I think I will buy and a nice range of playsuits! That's were cute!. Hes done loads! bags purses jewellry shoes! Lots of shoes! Some very nice cream brogues for £25!! And some really nice biker boots too! Honestly it's really awesome! I was chatting to the manager and he let me on in how the stock will update every six weeks and it will be a permanent collection. Wahoo!!
I just hope debenhams in other cities had a better turn out I was a bit devistated and a tad let down by Hull!
But there again they're wasn't a great deal of advertising!

Wednesday is Hull Fashion Alliance event at tessies!! Having sleepless nights now just scared cause I don't think I've actually seen someone buy my clothes!
Will be a good night though either way as there is wineee! And cupcakessss!
Hope everyone gets down n doesn't forget :-/

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