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Friday, 2 April 2010

Victoria Sponge

As its easter weekend i thought about doing something i little different.

I have decided to attempt to make a victoria sponge!

Just to let you know i am the worst cook ever i even do toast wrong..

So i got the electric whisk out making me feel a little professional if i do say so myself! and it was all going so well untill i got over excited and started to put butter cream on it while it was still hot urgh

so im onto my second attempt im gona let it patient...wait.

And il let you know how it turns out!

mean while i want to introduce you into a little obession of mine at the moment.


oh my daysss i adore these handbags!

Been around in america and the LA scene for quite sometime to rose is popularity with the Sex and The City series. With a few of his bags
such as:

But the most famous is the Eiffle Tower bag featured in the Sex and the City movie.

Patricia Fields cannot just settle for that so she gets its swaroski encrusted!
at over £1000 a pop i dont think i will be investing in it any time soon.

eeek i better go check on my cake!

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