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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

OMG its Matalan!

Ok so in Hull there is some stick with Matalan similar to the stick Primark seems to get.

But i thought id check it out see if there was some hidden gems!

and i found a few things i liked!

I didnt end up buying any of these i dont know why i just wasnt 100% convinced maybe i am subconsciencously thinking of the stick of Matalan but it did make me feel nice knowing i fitted in a size 8!

which one do you think looks best which one should i buy?



  1. I think the bottom one looks best! From the photo anyway it doesn't not look like it's from Matalan if that's what you're worrying about... the pattern is wicked and it gives you such a gorgeous shape.

    Have just recently come across your blog and I love it! It's so freshing to see some other students from the North blogging, keep up the good work and I'm a follower now too :)

    Claire ♥

  2. yeah i think im going tog et the bottom one it was so comfy! thansk for following me! il return the favour, North blogging FTW! lol xxx