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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Howdy Ho

OK so ive done way to many blogs about hats recently but i really am obbsessed! in Beverley theyre is the most amazing antique shop with a little room hidden away with some CLASSIC fashion items.
I saw this hat and i couldnt put it down! i adore it so much!i think im going to go on a hunt for a lovely little summer dress to wear it with.

Along with my beloved hats ive aquired a taste for tights!

Ok Ok im a devoted Henry Holland fan but anyone would love his tights!!
just look at what ive come across in

The House of Holland is printed on these tights and it just looks adorable like those love heart ones that are about im deffinately getting a pair!
and the hold ups what a genius idea all the celebs are wearing these so get yours hands on them quick! for £12 can you really go wrong?

And Jonathan Aston these are totally funky!

These tattoo prints tights are just fantastic! and at £12 they are such an impulse purchase you know when you just have to own something? these are them!
and these little ankle socks are just a bargain at £4 and would look really cute teamed with some pumps!

If you dont want to go all out and adventourous with the prints just try colour i think bold tights make a real difference to an outfit and really works with making your outfit unique!

colours i love : purple,teal,burgandy,white,pink and go all out with RED

so if your strapped for cash and want to make a LBD ( little boring dress) into a (little brilliant dress) just dress it up with tights!

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