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Monday, 29 March 2010

Hull Fashion Alliance rounded up the Troops!

The Hull Fashion Alliance event at tessies on wednesday 17th march 2010

Hull Fashion Alliance are a group of four student from the Hull School of Art and Design.
They wanted to showcase hull creative talents and put hull on the fashion map.
The group shot to popularity with their facebook group getting over 100 member within the first day.The girls collaborated with Nicola Gibbons the owner of Tessies on Newland Avenue Hull to create their first event.

They have worked together to create a fun fashion event for everyone to get involved with. With raffles,competitions and goody bags to offer they really wanted to get Hulls fashion out there,

The night kicked off with a bang and the Alliance Troops queued at the door in time for the opening.The shop was set out with Hulls finest designers show casing their work from jewellry to bags to some really bespoke designer wear.

The event really was a party with live models as a window display inviting customer into the shop not only did followers of the facebook group come along but so did passer bys on the street. Even people in cars were curious to see what was going on!

The night couldnt have been more successful everyone was treat really well and it seemed everyone had a good time.
Not only was this good for the designers in hull to get noticed but it was also great for the models involved and the musicians,photographers and writers.

On entering Tessies you were pleasently greated with some wine and nibbles! as well as some really yummy cupcakes.
It is clear some planning had gone into the event, this wasnt just a late night shop opening it was a party a chance for peopl of Hull to get involved in the city's fashion and feel part of something so fresh.
The goody bags were a real treat with hairclips, earring and a very cute ring in the bag as well as offers and voucher for Sharkeys!

There really was something for everyone here and it showed as they was people as young as 10 and as only as 60! with kitch hairclips and some really nostalgic vitage wear people were offered everything.With some items costing as little as £2 to jumpsuits at £90 everyone was able to see what was to offer and get a real feel of how Hull is able to be put on the Fashion Map!

The Hull Fashion Alliance girls could not believe the turn out. " I'm so greatful for the way people use facebook these days, we were able to get in touch with all different types of people, which we really couldnt have done on the streets"

Hull Fashion Alliance are already planning their next event but this time with the intentions of it being a day event. " Having it on a weekend would allow for more people to come along, we also hope that wrd of mouth from people who came to the first event will also help".

Hull Fashion Alliance RETURN will be once again held at Tessies, Newland Avenue, Hull.
Sunday 25th April 12pm - 4pm

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